Mayor Tim Leavitt

"Kris has a pulse on our community and will get great things done as a Port of Vancouver Washington Commissioner" 

Senator Ann Rivers

"Over the past 20 years, I’ve been happy to get to know Kris Greene and am excited about the opportunity that the Port of Vancouver USA has in the upcoming election. Kris is always professional in his thinking and decision making, and acts in the best interest of our citizens. Kris has the vision, maturity, wisdom, and courage to lead our region into the future. From serving on numerous boards and committees, such as EVBA and ESDF, along with being an active member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Kris has met and worked with fellow citizens in making our community thrive. He is also familiar with the needs of our various educational institutions and first responders, having been part of the CRT which helped to develop a long-term VPD funding proposal to City Council. Kris works hard to sustain the connection between local government and local business, which affects the entire region in a positive manner. Kris' history has proven to be a positive asset for the City of Vancouver and my hope is that we will move into the future with the same, superior leadership for the Port" 

​Larry J. Smith

"I have known Kris for over 15 years. He is a friend with tremendous community involvement. Kris is a talented person with great business skills and experience. Perfect fit in the current and future operations of our Port." ​ 

Steve Nelson

"Kris is a solid candidate who understands the important role ports play in creating living wage jobs and supporting infrastructure. Kris has been a part of this community for 20 years and has made great contributions in business and education. He has served on the board of the East Vancouver Business Association and was a member of Evergreen school District Foundation. If you care about the mission of the Port, you should support Kris Greene for Vancouver Port Commissioner." 

Representative Liz Pike

“Kris is an active community leader with years of local, public service. His dedication earned my support.” 

Representative Brandon Vick

"Kris is the candidate with integrity and the risk management experience needed to make the Port a safe and thriving driver of economic development." 

Nancy Baker

"Kris will keep the Port of Vancouver growing and creating jobs."

George Francisco

"If you are looking for an individual that has a clear focus of what is needed to make our port a world class operation then Kris is your candidate. Kris stands for Safety, Clarity, Growth, Harmony, & Education as his platform pillars. He has the energy to get the job done!"

Representative Paul Harris

"Through Kris' years of dedicated service to this community, he recognizes the need to bring more family wage jobs to our region. I believe he is the best candidate for Port Commissioner."

Jerry Oliver, Port of Vancouver Commissioner, District 3

"I support Kris Greene for Port Commissioner because he has integrity, is business-minded, and understands the need to bring family-wage jobs to our region. Kris will continue to seek out opportunities that will bring sustainable Port growth and further economic benefit to our community." * My endorsement is personal and is not in any way an endorsement by the Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners.   

County Councilor John Blom

"Through Kris' long-time advocacy for betterment of resources in our region, such as his service with ESDF and the Vancouver Police Department funding committee, I am confident that Kris is the best candidate to bring more family wage jobs to the Port of Vancouver, WA."

Senator Lynda Wilson

“Kris will work very hard to bring new family wage jobs to the region”

Brian Eaker

"Kris understands the balance between needed economic development for our community and protecting our natural resources."

Luis M. Ordona

"I am all for Greene’s platform of increasing jobs by supporting the expansion of the infrastructure that is occurring at the port. I am all for increased employment and economic growth, which I believe these improvements will bring in. For these reasons, I support Greene for Port of Vancouver commissioner and urge everyone who wants to see more family-wage jobs to also support him." 

Brian Wolfe - Port of Vancouver Commissioner, District 1

"The Port of Vancouver has a long history of providing jobs and economic development to Vancouver and Clark County. It has also led the way to community service activities. On the ballot for Port Commissioner in November there is only one candidate who can continue that legacy and that is Kris Green. Kris has earned the privilege to be your next Port Commissioner. He has been involved in your community for over 20 years in business activities by having his own small business and being on the board to the East Vancouver Business Association serving as its President. He has been an active contributor to the service side of the community through St. Joseph's Catholic Church. He has been a working member of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. If you take the time to talk to Kris you will find that he is very concerned about the environment and will take the necessary steps to protect what we have come to love in the Pacific Northwest. He is equally concerned about having a safe working environment and a safe community. He will be outspoken about this subject with any proposal at the Port and will stop projects that he deems to be unsafe. With this broad experience and attitude toward the Port he can and should be the next great Commissioner. He is much more than a single-issue candidate and has only the grand future of the Port and its citizens foremost in his thoughts and actions." *My endorsement is personal and is not in any way an endorsement by the Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners. 

Ann Donnelly

 "Kris will help our Port compete with other ports in our region." 

Business Endorsements

Printing Expressly for You (PEFY)
Paul Davis Restoration
General Steamship Corporation
Just Wingett, LLC
Morton's Pool & Spa
Amplify Group
Aim Investigations 

Labor Endorsements

Columbia Pacific Building Trades

SW Washington Central Labor Council

Columbia River Carpenters 1503


IUOE 701


UA 290 Plumbers & Pipefitters

WA Building Trades

Local 36 Heat & Frost Insulators

Longview/Kelso Building Trades Council

United Union of Roofers Local 49

Local 29 Ironworkers

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers District Lodge 751 

Pledges of Support

 AJ Gomez * Jim West * Rick Seekins * Bill Willis * Karen Ault * Scott Tiniakos * Victoria Wingett * Bruce Hagensen * Don Olson * Beth Anderson * David Gellatly * Rob Rich * Ron Arp * Carolyn Crain * Melody Smith * Nolan Jameson * Dennis Short * John Deeder * Brandon Rossman * Sean Emerson * Tim Probst * Tamara Fuller * Brent Boger * John Ley * Ben Sheldon * Michael Wright * Calvin Dahl * Cyndee McAhren * Bret stephens * Susan Rice * Gary Sisson * Darlene Meier * David Gollersrud * Kathy Rylander *Anita Wright * Jini Senner Garey * John Creedon * Jerry Todd 

"He's my Hero!!!" - Teresa Everist
"Be a Hero!" - Elaine Sabo
"Knows what Vancouver needs." - Erik Morton
"Kris genuinely cares for the good of Vancouver." - Melissa Sabo
"Kris Greene will serve you well!" - Melanie Wheeler
"I've known Kris for years! He is a person of integrity." - Carol Nelson Keljo
"He's got my vote!" - George Bashkingy
"You got my vote!!!!" - Cari Sullivan
"Community centered advocate." - T. Westbrook
"Go Kris!" - Val Berrissoul
"I'll stand behind Kris in any endeavor as he's an outstanding member of this community." - Jacquie Morales
"Highly qualified" – Ron Cooper
"You can't go wrong with Kris" – Buck Heidrick
"I have no doubt Kris will be a trusted leader for our community!" – Debbie Hijar, Owner, MADdogs
"Go for the Greene!! - Jerry Todd
"Go for the Greene!" - Kim Blahnik
"Kris is a great community leader." - Jamie Birkeland
"Kris Greene is an awesome candidate for the Port Commissioner. Great message." - Beth Anderson